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Metsaviha VI (Woodwrath VI)

17. Jun 2019 , 0 Comments

“The band that has followed wolftracks now for 20 years, has reached a song which cannot be put into lyrics and music. Metsaviha VI is a song which the band put into the bottle instead. Brutal and a true wolfsbane. Damn, how it howls!” This is a legend about a new apple schnaps from Esonia…

Car design, Illustration

Livery for security company USS electric car

17. Apr 2019 , 0 Comments

Together with UIKS Creative the livery for Hyundai Kona was born. That wonderful car belongs to security company USS. Key words in design are electric car and environment protection. The final idea saw the leaves and acorns of an oak tree (Estonian national tree) grow out of the electic wire.  Client liked the idea as…

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Pomo restaurant in Ülemiste City

9. Mar 2019 , 0 Comments

Fresh number of design magazine Diivan writes about pizza restaurant Pomo in Ülemiste City in Tallinn. Restaurant idea by Jaak Morna, interieur design by Anne Määrmann & Kristi Prinzmann, logo by Martin Lazarev. Design of tables, chairs, menus and wallpaper by me.        

album design

New album by Metsatöll “Katk kutsariks (Plague Coachman)” out now!

25. Feb 2019 , 0 Comments

Saturday, February 23, was the day when Metsatöll presented their new album “Katk kutsariks (Plague Coachman)”. Concert took place in Rock Cafe (Tallinn, Estonia). Right now only digipak CD format is out, but more is to come. Like most Metsatöll albums, design for new one was done by me. Cover image “People with bubo” was…

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Ölle ja Ülle

20. Feb 2019 , 0 Comments

Küla Villa has brand new beers out – Ölle ja Ülle. One tougher than other. Brewed in Estonian Brewery!!    


Manna La Roosa cocktail menu

31. Jan 2019 , 0 Comments

Restaurant Manna La Roosa had an ideo to make its cocktail menu more attractive. I illustrated all cocktails that they have in menu after photographs. So clients can now see, how a cocktail actually looks like and it is more fun to make a choice:)

Illustration, illustratsioon

Estonian biathlon themed playing cards

2. Jan 2019 , 0 Comments

Finally the Estonian biathlon themed playing cards are out.  You can find info about most famous persons and clubs. My part was to illustrate 42 faces. The head of project was Mattias Oja. You can buy cards from here >>

Calendar, Illustration

Tallinn Airport GH lauakalender 2019

19. Dec 2018 , 0 Comments

At the end of every year there’s always some calendar designing. This year I made one for Tallinn Airport GH. Ideas came both from me and the client.  

Bar, Craft Beer

Bar Tuba opened its doors

14. Nov 2018 , 0 Comments

There’s a new bar, TUBA, in Tallinn (Müürivahe 15), selling genuinely only Estonian craft drinks. I created a logo and some designs for them. So if you’re really into Estonian craft drinks,  I suggest you to step by.

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