Hello! My name is Kristjan "Luix" Luiga. I've been into professional designing since the year 1996, when I started as a webdesigner. 2009 saw me start my own design business - the goal was to offer different design services for my clients. Today I can say, that the decision was right, as I have been commissioned for works, which have been really cool. Not to mention some design prizes:)

Clients/partners: MyFitness, Estonian Road Administ-ration, AS Tallinn Airport GH, Tartu Coffeeling, Seene Wabrik, restaurant Tai Boh, Põlva County Headquarters, restaurant Manna La Roosa, All-en Boutique Enterprise (Taiwan), MageFlow, Olvi (Finland), Taevas Ogilvy, Valge Karu, Võrumaa Food Center, Estonian Youth Center, Nixor Eesti AS, Tere AS, Eesti Energia, KülaVilla, Playluggage, A Le Coq, Altia Eesti AS, Kontuur Leo Burnett, Estonian bands (Metsatöll, Winny Puhh, Horricane), Tartumaa Tervisekeskus, Velvet Creative Alliance, Ragistaja, Puuabi, Aaron Torm Smithy, Motard, Nettskog (Norway) and many more.
Luix Tattoo & Design, Põhja pst.25, Tallinn, phone: +372 53010280, e-mail: luixart@gmail.com